Once again,
Oatmeal Studios is a top ranked greeting card company!

September 2013

Oatmeal Studios is a top ranked greeting card company

Card 8345In their September issue, the trade publication GiftBeat ranked Oatmeal Studios #5 among all types of greeting card companies!

For humor alone, which was surveyed in March, Oatmeal Studios was ranked #2! Keep in mind that the rankings are based on a nationwide survey of retailers.


Something creative brewing at Oatmeal Studios

Card 7294There is always something creative brewing at company headquarters in North Adams, Massachusetts and you can count on us for a steady stream of hilarious new releases. Please take a second and check our Greeting Cards and Self-Stick Notepads on this site. If you are a retailer, please e-mail us at sales@oatmealstudios.com to receive our complete set of catalogs.

January 2011

Excelsior Printing Company purchases Oatmeal Studios

In January 2011, our printer, Excelsior Printing Company purchased Oatmeal Studios. We are now fortunate to have most all of our day to day functions, including printing, under one roof. From our modest beginnings, Oatmeal Studios has grown to be one of the leading humorous greeting card manufacturers in the world.


Oatmeal Studios is born

Card 5597Oatmeal Studios has been in the business of making people laugh for over 35 years! People everywhere enjoy the unique, colorful graphics and on the mark humor that is featured on our extensive line of greeting cards and Self-Stick Notepads.

We got our start in 1978 when artist, Helene Lehrer, decided to create a few silkscreen cards featuring her pet rabbit, "Oatmeal", as the subject. The cards were first displayed at a store in central Vermont and soon visitors from all over the country started buying them like crazy!

Card 1686 Recognizing a wonderful opportunity, Helene with her husband, Joe Massimino, quickly began researching the greeting card business. Within no time Oatmeal Studios was born.