Page 6 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
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6Oatmeal Studios2 cards8802. You may be one year older......but you still know how to swing it!Happy Birthday!Inside: ...but you still know how to swing it! Happy Birthday!8797. I can never remember where I buried all my bones! Here’s to a memorable birthday!8790. ...and off the pill! Happy Birthday!8788. Do web and channel surfing count?Happy Birthday!8784. Even the dog can’t hide his excitement!8787. That’s a lot of peeing! 8786. Here’s to doing old people 8785. Don’t let us down. Happy Birthday! stuff together! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!8777. You’ll always be ageless 8776. ...a lot of restraint! 8775. Slightly older in other to me! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! places! Happy Birthday!8792. There’s not much left to learn the hard way. Happy Birthday!8791. ...and your body says you’ve got to be kidding! Happy Birthday!

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