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4Oatmeal Studios 2 cards8831. ...of your youth! Happy Birthday!8829. EVERYTHING is an EXTREME sport! Happy Birthday!8824. Why the hell did I come in here? Happy Birthday!8830. Each passing year is like a golf ball...8828. Happy Birthday Buddhaful!8823. Maybe “hanging out” is a poor choice of words! Happy Birthday!Inside: have NO idea where it went! Happy Birthday!8834. But it’s so not you. Happy Birthday!8833. Warmest wishes on 8832. It’s where it’s growingyour birthday.elsewhere that you should be concerned about. Happy Birthday!8827. So go ahead...pick one! And have a happy birthday!8826. I hope you have a sweet birthday!8821. Like how the slightest movement can trigger a fart.Hope your birthday is a real blowout!8822. Start with cashmere and silk! Happy Birthday!

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