Page 3 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
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BIRThDAY9537. Happy Birthday to someone who’s fun to be around!8844. Hope you have a standout birthday!9505. There’s no one quite like you. Happy Birthday!8843. ...right in your own closet! Happy Birthday!8846. Otherwise, you’d be a lot older. Happy Birthday!8842. Hope the birthday fun lasts a long time! Happy Birthday!Inside: Have a purrfect birthday!8845. ...but your body knew that years ago! Happy Birthday!8841. ...we wiz morning, noon and night. Happy Birthday! CARDS: BIRThDAY8840. If you can’t find a good really helps to have a good hand. Happy Birthday!8839. Cat Thermostat8838. It’s the wrinkles elsewhere 8837. You’ve got my vote for a we won’t mention! happy birthday!Happy Birthday!8836. ...all you need is a little cat–i–tude. Happy Birthday!8835. Happy Birthday! 3

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