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8718. Don’t lift anything heavier than the remote! Feel better soon!8460. ...she’ll be right over. Get Well Soon.dISCOnTInUEd 8382. or else you’ve beendrinking out of the toilet again! Feel better soon!8712. Feel better soon!8711. ...for your family! Feel better soon.8425. You’re better soon!8340. Here’s a nice cup of chicken noodle vodka!8494. Well, normal for you anyway. Get Well Soon!8418. Just time away from us is probably a good start! Get well soon!8284. Feel better soon.CARDS: RETIREmENT, GET WELL© Oatmeal Studios, all rights reserved. A division of Excelsior Integrated.7174. Hope you’re back on your feet again real soon!* OUT OF SEqUENCE1466. Bacteria: Rear entrance of a cafeteria. Nitrate: Cheaper than a day rate. Urine: Opposite of “You’re out!” Dilate: To live longer. Outpatient: A person who has fainted. Get well soon!5597. ...that you’ve been feeling shitty. Get Well Soon! 258443. I can think of a Latte good reasons for you to feel better! Feel better soon!8368. Let the recuperation begin!

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