Page 24 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
P. 24

8731. You’ll have lots of time to 8461. Rest, relax, nap, snack, discover the real you! repeat! Happy Retirement! Happy Retirement!8322. Happy Retirement!GET WELL8849. You can’t be too careful when it to comes to germs. In fact, I didn’t even lickthis envelope!8813. I heard you were sick, so I got a second opinion.8782. Feel Better Soon! 24 Oatmeal Studios 2 cards8848. Get well soon!dISCOnTInUEd 8805. Hear you’re not feelingwell. Get well soon!Inside: I had my dog lick it instead! Get well soon!Inside: You’re also awesome! Hope you feel better soon!8783. If you’re “wanna get outta work” sick, call me next time!8761. Here’s hoping your forecast 8755. If the doctor ever suggested is looking brighter! Get Well Soon! something fun! Feel better soon!

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