Page 23 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
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8743. You guys just know 8730. ...just the way you AARRR! how to make it work. Happy Anniversary!Happy Anniversary!8476. The secret to a Inside: ...knowing who’s the boss! Happy Anniversary! successful marriage is...8585. May the flames of passion burn on!dISCOnTInUEd 8394. Happy Anniversary! 8370. Keep it clean and have aHappy Anniversary!RETIREmENT8334. One that’s lasted. Happy Anniversary!8455. And whatever else is on TV! Happy Anniversary!8328. I thought you said “some Nookie”! Hope your anniversary is filled with all kinds of sweet surprises.1777. ...It just falls asleep 8799. We thought about all ofInside: ...and decided we aren’t letting you out! Congratulations on your retirement!in front of the TV! your years of hard work... Happy Anniversary! 23CARDS: RELATIVE BIRThDAY, CoNGRATuLATIoNS, ThANK You, ANNIVERSARY, RETIREmENT

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