Page 21 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
P. 21

80Th BIRThDAY90Th BIRThDAY8327. Worst cake scenario! Happy 70th Birthday!8462. You must be one of the lucky ones! Happy Birthday!8779. Sadly, none of them can be printed here. Happy 80th Birthday!100Th BIRThDAY8781. We’re still having them! Happy 100th Birthday!8780. It just means you have to allocate a greater amount of time to your recovery!Happy Birthday!8464. You are! Happy 100th Birthday!944. I merely failed to remember it on time.8794. Happy Birthday Relative! 218463. Except when it’s coming from a cake!Happy 90th Birthday!BELATED BIRThDAY8798. It’s in a quiet moment Inside: Holy Crap. I forgot your birthday. at the end of a long day that Belated Happy Birthday!I remember...RELATIVE BIRThDAY8825. Everyone in our family... Inside: ...looks up to you! Hope you have a great birthday!CARDS: 50Th, 60Th, 65Th, 70Th, 80Th, 90Th, 100Th BIRThDAYS, BELATED BIRThDAY, RELATIVE BIRThDAY

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