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60Th BIRThDAY8847. Don’t’ll still see boobs now and then.8717. It’s so hard to keep them lit! It’s your 60th birthday..roll with it!65Th BIRThDAY8389. It took a while! Happy 65th Birthday!Inside: Probably when you least expect it! Happy 60th Birthday!20 Oatmeal Studios2 cards8413. Good thing I posted it 8315. Oh damn! It’s still 50! online! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!1742. “What else can I do while I’m down here?” Happy 50th!8795. once you’re in...they’re a lot of fun! Happy 60th!8482. Have a hole–in–one on your birthday! Happy Birthday!70Th BIRThDAY8789. ...usually to wake it up! Happy Birthday!8339. ...OH, my back! ...OH, my stomach! Happy 60th Birthday!7386. ...and no longer 59! Happy 60th Birthday!8736. Welcome to Eventually 8401. I’d even say “lifelike”! Happy 70th Happy 70th Birthday!

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