Page 19 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
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1686. A shitload of candles!1317. The fantasy lives on! Happy Birthday!40Th BIRThDAY8801. On your 40th birthday,you should be wined and dined.1384. makes it harder for the vultures to land.1380. A belly button. Happy Birthday!21ST BIRThDAY8778. Good thing you’ve been practicing! Happy Birthday!Or at least beered & cheered!Happy Birthday!1377. Aw, hell. Yes, you are. Happy Birthday!8725. as cool as you are! Happy Birthday!CARDS: BIRThDAY, 21ST, 40Th, 50Th BIRThDAYS7193. a 39 year old person wondering what the hell just happened! Happy Birthday!8806. You’re HOTTER than ever! Happy 50th Birthday!1159. Happy Birthday, O great one!Inside: Or at least beered & cheered! Happy Birthday! 50Th BIRThDAY8710. Hate me because I know how old you are! Happy 40th Birthday!8723. Thank God it’s just a phase! Happy 50th Birthday! 19

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