Page 17 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
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8174. It’s your birthday. Party your ass off!8155. Get your mind out of the gutter and have a great birthday!8085. ...if we can’t remember why we got in the car in the first place?! Have a memorable birthday!7427. ...but this was the only one with beer and cleavage. Happy Birthday!8162. It ain’t for wimps! Happy Birthday!8128. Bitches like us live forever!8061. I mean, who really needs to remember what they did five minutes ago?7423. Congratulations on putting another year behind you! Happy Birthday!8161. Happy Birthday! Have a blast!8158. ...but we’ve still got great asses!CARDS: BIRThDAY8125. Hope you get everything you’ve been looking for and more! Happy Birthday!8087. It’s called PINOT MORE. Enjoy!7454. Douglas!7450. We won’t be young and gorgeous forever!7375. It’s your birthday! Go ahead and lose it.7367. Happy Birthday! You’re lookin’ good! 17

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