Page 12 - Oatmeal Cards Complete Catalog 2017
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12Oatmeal Studios2 cards8481. ...than it took to have it! Happy Birthday!8475. I think I carry mine in my thighs! Happy Birthday!dISCOnTInUEd8472. ...when you can’t tell whereyour chin ends and your stomach begins! Happy Birthday!8456. From beer to beer. Happy Birthday!dISCOnTInUEd 8480. You’re one year closer tofinding out! Happy Birthday!dISCOnTInUEd 8479. But you’re coming close!Happy Birthday!dISCOnTInUEd 8478. Fresh Ideas...from thebirthday party. Happy Birthday!8473. I hope you have more fun on this birthday...8471. The seats always fold up and dump popcorn and soda all over me! Hope your birthday is two thumbs up!dISCOnTInUEd 8454. ...another year goodbye!Happy Birthday!Inside: ...than you did last time you turned 29! Happy Birthday!8468. May I see your I.D.? Happy Birthday!8453. Nun! Happy Birthday!dISCOnTInUEd 8467. I hope your birthday isfilled with fun surprises!dISCOnTInUEd 8451. ...and you can still turnheads. Happy Birthday!

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