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10Oatmeal Studios2 cards8722. You must be ecstatic! Happy Birthday!8715. Don’t worry, I trained him myself. Happy Birthday!8721. Hell, at your age you should probably celebrate everyday!8714. It just means we let the grandkids blow out the candles! Happy Birthday!8719. On another year of incredible sexiness!! Happy Birthday!8716. Within several large bottles of alcohol! Happy Birthday!8709. ...2 or 3 a night, filled with a nice wine. Happy Birthday!8708. “When the cabbage eaters 8707. You’ve got that lookare at your front.” Happy Birthday! most people your age have...Inside: The one that says, “what the hell happened?” Happy Birthday!8704. But I thought this card would still be a nice touch. Happy Birthday!8703. How old you are going to be this year! Happy Birthday!8702. All husbands get that way. But you look marvelous!Happy Birthday!dISCOnTInUEd 8701. Hope your birthday is fullycharged! Happy Birthday!8713. Embrace the cake. Happy Birthday!

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