Here are some examples of our Everyday cards.  All cards are 5" x 7" and are printed on recycled paper.  Our cards come with colored envelopes.  We currently have over 300 designs in our Everyday card line.  We come out with new releases 9 times a year and are always adding new artists and writers.


Oatmeal Studios greeting cards feature colorful artwork
not just on the outside, but on the inside too!
Here are two examples!

(Outside) For your birthday, Douglas the horse will count out your age by pawing the ground. (Inside) Douglas?

(Outside) You're another year older and women are still checking you out. (Inside) NEXT! Happy Birthday!





Enjoy your birthday! 

Hope this birthday has you feeling on top! 

 It actually happened! They discovered dark chocolate is good for you!

Senior Birthday Prayer. God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway, the good fortune to run into the ones I do...  

We won't be young and
gorgeous forever!

Hope this birthday
has you feeling on top!


Iím still hopeful regarding vodka,
fast food and marshmallow fluff!
Have a Happy & Healthy Birthday!

...and the eyesight to
tell the difference.
Happy Birthday!

 Like a good wine, we mellow with age.

 Geting older is like being on a roller coaster ride. There are highs & lows, laughter & tears...

  Yep! It's time to face the facts.

  Never forget - your body is a temple...

Or is it, as we age,
we mellow with a good wine?
Happy Birthday!

...and sometimes you
pee your pants a little!
Happy Birthday!

 We've become the incredibly
sexy older women that all young
girls just wish they could be!
Happy Birthday!

 ...even if the steeples are
pointing in the wrong direction!
Happy Birthday!

 Happy Birthday!

 Remember when being stiff in the morning...

 Will bake for sex

 I couldn't do a thing with my butt today, so I just threw it back in a ponytail.

Looks like another one
just crept up on you.
 ...was a good thing!
  Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a birthday
filled with special treats

Congratulations on
putting another year behind
you! Happy Birthday!!
  At our age, what good is a GPS...   Do you have this in a 34-long? (Picture of wacky relatives)   So you're laid up for a while!
...if we can't remember why we
got in the car in the first place?!
Have a memorable birthday!

May your birthday cup
runneth over!

No matter what happens,
you'll always have your family.
Happy Birthday!

Hope you're back on
your feet again real soon!
Don't worry, it's tomato. It's your first day of retirement.  Relax.  You'll get used to it. Anniversaries prove that love never dies...   Happy Anniversary!
Feel better soon.
Happy Retirement!
...It just falls asleep
in front of the TV!
Happy Anniversary!
#1777 a good way!


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